The audacious world of business is experiencing rapid change, more today than at any period in recent memory. This change is driven primarily by the introduction of the Internet and its worldwide adaptation and use as the gateway to emerging markets and industries. Those that master this “disruptive” force and leverage its power can level the playing field; one that previously prohibited them from competing with larger more established companies.

However, the proliferation of noise online has tarnished the experience. We’ve become an over-communicated, over-saturated society. Breaking through the clutter and confusion to reach an audience eager and enthused to hear your message presents a great challenge. That’s where we come in! We help you slice through the clutter to meet, greet, and engage your audience. Your message is WHY YOU EXIST; helping you reach it’s intended target audience is WHY WE DO!

At Breakthrough Dynamiks, LLC, our success depends upon ONE OBJECTIVE…RESULTS; it’s that simple! We cherish the privilege to serve those who are bringing astounding change to the world through their products, services, or message. Having the distinct honor to work with some of the most remarkable thinkers, entrepreneurs, and change agents of our generation has taught us a lot. We highly value the relationship we’ve established with this community and eagerly anticipate helping you do the same.

We are passionate about seeing YOUR vision, dream, or business reach unprecedented levels of success! Each member of our team is sharply focused on delivering cutting-edge technologies, programs, and strategies to render the best service possible. We have witnessed firsthand the profound impact made by helping our clients reach previously untapped markets and consumers.

Donnye D. Collins, Sr is the Founder and CEO of the company. His career in business spans some 30 years. He’s been instrumental in launching and growing several multi-million dollar brands. Over that time, witnessing the burgeoning growth and innovation in technology, social media, and real-time communication and consumer engagement prompts Donnye to proclaim; “Today, EVERY BUSINESS IS IN A CRISIS!”  No business, company, or industry can be deemed “off limits;” regardless of size or age! Savvy entrepreneurs are changing the GAME, rewriting the RULES, and challenging every facet of business and industry.